“General Meeting” July 2020

Treasury Report Irene Blanchard

Anyone interested in the Treasury balance, please contact sepoachairman@gmail.com.

A majority of residents are making payments on their fees. There are those, though, that have not. Please be advised that if your balance is not up to date by September 30th, you will not be eligible for a payment plan next fiscal year. The outstanding balance will be added to your 2020/2021 HOA maintenance fees with 15% interest added on. You balance should be paid by November 1, 2020.

If you balance has not been paid in full (only accounts in arrears) by December 31, 2020 will be subject to litigation and legal fees will be charged along with interest.

If you aren’t sure of your balance, please contact sepoabills@gmail.com.

If you are still in need of a car tag, please contact sepoabills@gmail.com. Note: Homeowners are allotted 2 tags, lot owners are allotted 1 tag.


With the exception of a couple of small projects, we are done with scheduled road work for the season.  Dust suppressant was recently applied and some additional ditch repairs and pothole repairs were done.

We hope that you like the work done for the season.   We plan to extend the Twin Lakes Drive renovation in 2021 and will likely have to deal with the effects of whatever the coming winter (sadly, just around the corner) brings us.

Please drive the 15 mph speed limit and do not use cars or ATVs to dig up the road surfaces.  Also, try not to drive close to the openings of culvert pipes.   With a little care, we can lessen the need for future maintenance and renovations.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and please social distance.

The Road Committee 

Beach and Recreation Irene DeVito

I hope that you noticed the new fence that we put up at the Showboat Beach.
It protects the sandy area of the beach from vehicles and the gate provides for
emergency access to the lake if it is ever needed. I can remember a few times
in the 35 years that we have owned our house here, the latest being when the
lake was dragged last year in a search for a neighbor who was missing.

We also added a gate behind the pavilion to keep cars off the grassy picnic area and
to protect all the boats that are stored there. If you need to get your boat
out when it is locked, please call Irene D. at 570 289 8466. It is generally
open on summer weekends when there are plenty of people around.

The grass we planted on the hillside is growing nicely and it looks much better than
it used to. The money for that project came from the proceeds of a lawsuit
that we won. If you want to offer plants or have suggestions for that area
please let me know.

There have also been some improvements at the court area, some fencing has been repaired and some new fencing placed around the basketball area. And new nets have replaced on the badly torn old ones.

The pavilion is not being rented this year for parties because of social distancing rule
and we suggest that you don’t invite too many friends from outside the community
to join you on the beach this summer so we can all social distance safely.

A big THANK YOU to Erik Lujbli for building a rowboat rack on the North Beach. It filled up quickly needless to say!

Unfortunately, there are no more spaces on any of the racks on either beach for boats. If you need a spot for a boat, there is a waiting list that you can be put on. As space becomes available these will be assigned depending on what type of space it is (kayak, rowboat or canoe). Spaces are $10 a year and are billed with your maintenance fee.

Contact sepoabills@gmail.com if you would like to be placed on the waiting list. Be sure to include which beach you would like and what type of boat you have.

Please enjoy the rest of the summer!

Twin Lakes Utilities (Updated )

Any updates on Twin Lakes Utilities have been posted on Facebook and email chain to keep residents informed.

Twin Lakes Utilities requested the PUC to find a public utility company to buy them . The first request was denied, but a second request has been refiled.

Letters have been written by residents to and by state representatives as well as to the PUC and now the Attorney General in regards to the unreasonable rate hike TLU has imposed on its Sagamore residents.

Below are two links that residents can click to file complaints to the Attorney General:

Price Gouging Complaint
Consumer Complaint

Our Chairman, Sean Kemether has relayed this information:

“I participated by phone in a conference with the administrative law judge handling TLU’s 529 petition, which was refiled on an expedited basis.  TLU advised the Court that TLU is out of money and that Middlesex will be pulling out of operating it on September 1, 2020.  The PUC attorney advised very strongly that they will be in trouble eight ways to Tuesday if they go that route, and recommended that the case be one for “abandonment”. The OCA advised that it would not take a position on that question, but emphasized the need for continuous and ongoing water supply for TLU customers.
There will be another conference next week.  I will update after that conference.  It is very unlikely that TLU will stop operations on September 1st, but we should be prepared for a rocky road ahead.”

Any furthers updates will be posted on the Sagamore Estates Facebook page and through the email chain. If you are not on the email chain and would like to be, you can email sagamorenotices@gmail.com and your email will be put on the list. The link to Sagamore Estates Facebook page is below:



Water Update

From the Chairman:

Recently, one of our residents lodged a complaint for price gouging against Twin Lakes Utilities with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office.   Several of you filed complaints there, as well.

Our resident received the following response from the AGs office:

After speaking with multiple people in the office (and those people making contact with others out of the office), it was recommended by ALL that given the renewed effort before the PUC, you should direct your concerns with both the PUC and with your local representative (who our office recently contacted).  I know that is not the answer you want to hear given that you have done both of these things before, but hopefully with this new effort before the PUC, some change will be effectuated this time.

At this point, there is nothing further the Bureau of Consumer Protection can do to address this issue, since jurisdiction is with the PUC.

It is unclear what “new effort” this person means, but it appears that the AGs office is not going to get involved.   Onward we go!


Please continue social distancing at the beaches and enjoy the summer!

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“General Meeting”


A Message From The Chairmanpaper-ad-pen

In light of the pandemic and social distancing restrictions, we will cancel our May 16 the general membership meeting.  Tony Ciuffreda will present his annual report on Facebook and via the email chain.  Should any of you want a copy of Irene Blanchard’s annual treasury report, please email Sean Kemether at sepoachairman@gmail.com.

We are in the process of doing road maintenance now.  More will be coming in the next few weeks.   Later in the spring, we likely will reconstruct another portion of Twin Lakes Drive and do dust suppressant.

The gates to the beaches are now open.  However, you should adhere to all governmental social distancing requirements.  If we find that they are not being adhered to, we will close the gates and involve law enforcement as needed.  In short, please be reasonable and use common sense.

Security will continue as in previous seasons.  Sand will be put on the Showboat beach and additional improvements will be made there and at the tennis court complex.

Finally, nominations to the Board are opened now.  With those, or any questions, please email sepoachairman@gmail.com

Be well and keep safe.

President’s State of the State podeum

As you know, due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and the requirements placed on all of us by the State of Pennsylvania, and Pike County, the General Meeting of
Sagamore property owners, on Saturday May 16, had to be canceled for now, to be rescheduled and announced when possible in the future.

Having last addressed you back in the Fall, the Winter 2019 turned out to be mild one, by Sagamore standards, which usually benefits everything in Sagamore and its common areas; we anticipated a good recovery and advance into 2020 maintenance and regulation of our common areas.  Spring has come to Sagamore (despite our colder than normal April and now May weather—including snow squalls). Of course we are all struggling with the national crisis which the Pandemic has wrought. We are dealing and must respond to social isolation; economic disruption and social disruption in all our households. This alone complicates things to say the least.

Regardless of our shared household circumstances, SEPOA stands strong and ready to advance into fiscal year 2020. In general, our fiscal state remains strong. Budget for fiscal 2020 was finalized with the same concerns and priorities as seen in past years. Our dues pay for SEPOA maintenance and regulation of Sagamore common areas. As such, our receivables in dues and fees are adequate to cover our forecasted budget requirements. In year 2020, the SEPOA Board approaches its task with following priories and focus in mind.

First, as usual Road maintenance remains our number one budgeted priority. The SEPOA Road Committee has met and has decided its schedule of future work. Emergency maintenance (pot holes; holed portions and seasonal eroded areas are top priority). Later in the summer season, the road committee will address our re-construction projects. Summer dust suppressant will be applied as it has in the past per its usual scheduled time periods. SEPOA Chairman Sean Kemether will address road issues in a separate cover-report on this site.

The SEPOA Beach and Recreation Committee will meet in the future, and is set to work on various carry-over projects. Our beach gates are now open; New Showboat Beach  sand has been delivered and will be applied shortly. Our rules regulating your conduct in the common areas remain the same. Various summer activities have been discussed and will transpire relative to our ongoing State/ County restraints as they evolve. Look forward to posted follow-up from Irene DeVito overseeing Beach/Rec. for information dealing with our beaches and recreation common areas. Importantly, as common areas open up, we anticipate every person follow the established social distancing and group guidelines we have learned when using the common areas.

SEPOA holds elections every year;  and this will be no different than before.  If you are a property owner in good standing, and you feel like getting involved in policy making and regulating our SEPOA Common Areas, please feel free to have your name placed in nomination.  Nominations close  in our Mid-season meeting in July;  formal ballot election is in finalized in our September meeting.  So if you have both the interest and the time, the existing SEPOA Board members welcome the assistance.

So, we move onto spring and summer seasons in Sagamore. It may be tough for many people here, in the crisis. As many have said, we must remain strong and the “storm” will pass. As I have come to know in my 60+ years in the community, Sagamore property owners are a strong bunch…no doubt we shall prevail. God Bless you all and have a good spring and summer season.

Best of Regards,

Tony Ciuffreda

President SEPOA

Treasurer Reportdollar sign

If anyone would like a copy of the annual Treasury Report, please contact sepoachairman@gmail.com.

Despite a number of residents not paying, the budget is in decent shape, most of which will go to road repair.

We have held off suing those who have not paid their dues for some time in light of the pandemic.  About 2/3 have delinquent balances.

At this point, interest and fees will be added to past due balances. This does not include those making timely payments on the payment plans. In addition, in the coming months, we will be initiating sheriff’s sale eviction proceedings against one or two who have extreme past due balances. We know that times are tough, but everyone must pay their fair shares.

Beach and Recreationsummer sun

We here at Sagamore Estates are trying to keep with the spirit of the new social
distancing regulations. Because of that and because Shohola is not doing its
clean up this year and since we can’t tie in to that, we are not going to do a clean
up either. But we are going to ask you, the residents to pick up some litter on
your walks and runs around the community, or maybe send those tykes out to pick some
up; it is a good way to burn off some excess energy. The community looks so much better
without that trash lying about and you will feel good for helping out. And your homes will hold  their value better.

A fresh load of sand has been delivered to the Showboat Beach. It will be spread and applied within the next couple days.

As the season progresses and state mandates are lifted as to social distancing restrictions, Sagamore activities will be held as permitted. I will post on FB and email as these activities become available to carry out.

As stated by the Chairman, beaches are now open and social distancing is still required by governmental requirements. Please abide by those rules and stay safe! This way we all can enjoy the summer season ahead!


Please note that if you sell your home in Sagamore and you have a boat spot (or two or more) that spot is relinquished upon sale. They do not carry over to the new owner.  Please make sure to remove your boat before you close on your property. Otherwise, the boat(s) will be removed and discarded. The new owner may like the fact that a boat does come with the home so think about having the boat taken out of the spot and kept at the house during the sale.

Also, if you have a boat in a spot but you are no longer using it, please contact sepoabills@gmail.com and someone can help you remove it from that spot. There are several people waiting for a spot to store a boat and there are several boats that have been sitting in spots for years unused. Your HOA dues will no longer reflect the boat fee as well.

Twin Lakes Utilities

Again, the PUC has approved the rate increase that was requested by Twin Lakes Utilities despite our best efforts to at least keep the rates to a more reasonable and affordable expense. After this rate went into effect, it came to light that Govern Wolf had announced back in January that $119 million was invested in 18 drinking water, waste water and non-point source projects in 15 counties including Pike. Twin Lakes Utilities was awarded a $304,573 loan and a $4.6 million grant to “replace an entire water distribution system”.

It became known that the Administrative Law Judge was unaware of this at the time of judgement.

The best contact would be Congressman Peifer, the PUC and Senators Pat Toomey and Bob Casey. I tried Govern Wolf’s office but got a “not my jurisdiction” letter. I would have hoped he past my letter onto the proper authorities.

Also, you can go to the PUC website, http://www.puc.state.pa.us, and set up an electronic filing account and ask the PUC to reopen this case, review the monies that have been awarded to Twin Lakes Utilities and request a more affordable rate.

Census 2020

Pike County is requesting all communities and residents within the county to please complete the 2020 census. Pike County’s response rate has been very low and everyone is encouraged to participate. One of the reasons the response rate is low is that the census is not delivering to PO boxes. However, there are other ways to respond to the census:

2020census.gov – website

844-330-2020 – phone

Based on the data that is collected through the census, the Government uses this to help fund services in our community. Billions of dollars go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads and other services based on that data.

If you know of someone who did not receive the census via mail and does not use the internet, please help them by giving them the phone number listed above.


Please Be Safe and Enjoy The Summer Season To Come!


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Govern Wolf Has Included Pike County in the “Stay At Home” order.

Stay At Home Order to include Pike County

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A Message From The Pike County Commissioners Office re: COVID-19

March 25, 2020

Individuals Who Have Recently Traveled to Pike County from the NYC Metro Area Should Self-Quarantine for 14 Days

PA Health Department Urges People Not Under a Stay at Home Order
to Refrain from Non-Essential Travel

Under the latest guidance from The White House Coronavirus Task Force, which cites concern about the high coronavirus (COVID-19) infection rate in the New York City area, the Pike County Commissioners urge everyone who has recently traveled to Pike County from the New York City metropolitan area to self-quarantine for 14 days.

According to Dr. Deborah Birx, Response Coordinator for The White House Coronavirus Task Force, 60% of all new COVID-19 cases in the United States are from the New York City metropolitan area.

“It is critical to the health and safety of everyone that people follow this guidance and take the proper self-quarantine precautions right now,” says Pike County Commissioner Chairman Matthew Osterberg. “We will overcome this public health challenge by working together as a community to help stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Self-quarantining is intended to separate and restrict the movement of people who were potentially exposed to a contagious disease, such as COVID-19, to determine if they become sick, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. It is an important strategy in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.

In Pennsylvania, the current travel guidance from the PA Department of Health urges people to “stay home as much as possible. Try to get groceries once per week instead of daily. Freedom of travel remains, but please refrain from non-essential travel. Essential travel includes things like commuting to an essential job, picking up supplies like groceries and medicine, and checking on family and pets in other households. Do not host or attend gatherings.” This guidance currently applies to counties such as Pike, which are not under Governor Wolf’s Stay at Home Order.

Resources for those Under Self Quarantine

  • Senior Citizens can contact the Pike County Area Agency on Aging at 570-775-5550 regarding nutrition services.
  • PA 211 NE is available to people in need of food, clothing, shelter, drug and alcohol rehab or detox, or crisis intervention. For help, dial 211 or text your zip code to 898211.
  • An updated list of Pike County Government public services and resources available remotely can be found at PikePA.org.
  • Many local restaurants are providing take-out or curbside service, and some supermarkets are offering home delivery. Contact establishments directly for more information.

Follow Proper Protocols

The Pike County Commissioners and the County’s Department of Public Safety are continuing to be in regular contact with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), the Pennsylvania Department of Health, and other involved agencies regarding guidance and protocols related to COVID-19.

The public should continue to follow the proper protocols for COVID-19 prevention.

  • Stay Calm. Stay Home. And Stay Safe.
  • Cover coughs or sneezes with your elbow. Do not use your hands!
  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  • Clean surfaces frequently, including countertops, light switches, cell phones, remotes, and other frequently touched items.
  • Contain: if you are sick, stay home until you are feeling better.

This is an evolving situation. For the latest local information and updates regarding COVID-19, please visit the Pike County Government website at http://www.PikePA.org and click on the “Coronavirus COVID-19 Updates” icon.

The public can access the latest state and federal information on COVID-19 at:

Health.Pa.gov – the PA Department of Health website.

CDC.gov – the Center for Disease Control website.

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Year In Review 2019

Twenty nineteen brought in the usual snowy winter and rainy weather that wreaked havoc on our roads. The usual repairs were made. Dust suppressant was applied at all the entrances and the low spot at the Jacob Weber entrance was rectified. Ditches along that entrance were cleared as well. Dump_Truck-Excavator

After observing a number of solid black Woolly Bear Caterpillars, I checked to see what exactly that meant and according to the Almanac we’re in for a severe winter.

Great.android emoji

garbage bagMany thanks to the people who helped out with clean up day.  Just because Sagamore is old doesn’t mean she has to look shabby.

Amended Rules and Regulations were mailed out in May to residents this year. They are also posted here on this site under “Rules and Regulations”. If you did not receive a copy, please contact sepoachairman@gmail.com

The gate project is underway. A new shed to house the electrics has been erected. Hopefully soon, it’ll be up and functioning. Further details will be posted when available.

faucet Sagamore resident Virginia Pfeiffer has been diligent at obtaining information on the announced Twin Lakes Utilities rate increase (again!). If you haven’t received updates or need more info, you can contact her at sagamorenotices@gmail.com. It seems that the PUC has put a hold on the increase until next year so they can further investigate the issue.

Virginia also wants all to know that if you are not on the email chain to please contact her at the email address above to be added.

boy fishing on lakeMany thank yous go out to the Davis family for hosting the Fishing Contest. This was followed by the Ice Cream social where the kids and anyone around were welcome to enjoy a cone or dish of ice cream and all the toppings! ice cream cone

picnic bench  Beach and Recreation purchased wooden picnic benches for both beaches this year. Old ones that were deteriorating were removed and recycled.

A big Thank You to Virginia Pfeiffer for planting the marigolds in the canoe garden at the Showboat Beach this year. Their blooms are fantastic!

showboat beach marigolds

Field Day this year was led by Meg DiMarzio (Erica has past the baton to her daughter to carry out this fun SEPOA tradition). Congratulations and great job to all!kidsWe want to thank the DiMarzio’s for keeping this activity a Sagamore tradition!

bbqThe Chief Griller and Cook this year at the Sagamore Day picnic was Jim Dekeles. It was a beautiful day for a BBQ and a nice relaxing time was enjoyed by those who attended. Thank you Jim for your grilling expertise!

Just a reminder: No dogs are allowed on the beaches in Sagamore Estates between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM. according to and Regulations of the organization. Before 10 AM and after 6 PM we would love to see your dog at the beach as long as his/her messes are cleaned up. Also, their messes must be cleaned up off the roadways and the
driveways of your neighbors.

Also, feel free to use the dog park at the end of Teepee Rd. It’s a nice safe place to let your dog run. All we ask is that you clean up after Fido.

dog with ball

invasive species sign New signs, like this, have been posted at both beaches alerting and reminding boaters who take their boats (kayaks, rowboats, canoes, sailboats..etc) to other water sources to please be sure to wash their boats with a bleach solution before reintroducing them to the lake as to not contaminate Twin Lakes with invasive species that can be harmful to the lake.  Any invasive algae or plant life can be detrimental to the life of the lake, choking out any natural plants or wildlife. If you know anyone who does take their boat to another pond or lake or even the Delaware, please just kindly remind them to just give their boat a wash with some bleach solution to kill off any remnants from their trip. The lake will thank you.cropped-20180905_095929.jpg

Please note: Beaches will be locked on October 15th. Please be sure to have your boats removed if you wish to winter them at your house.

Porta Johns will be gone sometime the week of September 28th.

If you have access to Facebook but you are not following the Sagamore Estates page, it’s your best way to get updates and info on going ons around the community. “Like” and “Follow” to get notifications. And as stated above, add yourself to the email chain if you aren’t already on it.


Beach and Recreation questions, to obtain car badges (residents and lot owners only), boat stickers or general questions can be sent to sagamoretimes@gmail.com.

Billing questions or if you have a concern, a question, a view or comment you can contact sepoachairman@gmail.com

Be safe and hope the rest of 2019 is favorable for you.






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The New Dog Park

By Irene DeVitodog running

Many of you do not know about the small, but spiffy Dog Park SEPOA has set up for the local dog pupulation.  It is at the end of Teepee next to the tennis court. There are two rules:

  • Close the gate behind
  • Clean up after your dog

dog with ball

And the always unwritten rule to unto others as you would have them do to you.

At the meeting Saturday, Mr. Hogan asked if we could get rid of the prickly bushes inside the park. It sounds like a good idea so we will ask our landscapers to take care of that for us. We are also planning a bench for inside the park – it is being built now so it should be there shortly.  We hope that if you have a dog, we hope you will try this opportunity to let your dog run free.dog leash

I would like to use this forum to remind you that the laws of Pennsylvania apply to the dogs in Sagamore:  They must be licensed and and under your control at all times. They are not permitted to run free.

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Sagamore Times June 2018


In spite of the never ending rain this spring, the road projects are moving forward. Potholes and ditches have been largely addressed. The main project on TLD is coming soon. Any specific questions, contact sepoachairman@gmail.com. Happy driving!


Please remember that ATV usage is limited to what is permitted under Pennsylvania law. We notice that some regular users are damaging the Showboat Beach parking lot. If the privilege is abused, the Board will consider changing or revoking all ATV use. This is not an ATV park, and use is limited to roads in Sagamore, not undeveloped lots.

We are all neighbors, please be considerate of yours.

 Beach and Recreationsummer sun

Despite the rain, some residents did come out for Clean Up Day. We want to thank Kevin Dowd for kindly taking all the debis and garbage to Shohola Township for disposal.

Here is a list of the coming events for spring/summer:

June 23:   11:00    Softball Game and Ice Cream Social to Celebrate the End of School

July 7:       9:00     Fishing Contest

August 4:              Sagamore Day Barbecue and Field Day

September 3:      Labor Day Barbecue

If anyone, men or women, would like to get a friendly game of softball going, let us know! Contact sagamoretimes@gmail.com or Irene D at 570 296 8466 if interested.  Also, to celebrate the end of school for the kids, an ice cream social will correlate around the softball game at the ball field. Make your own sundae or cone and top it with whipped cream and a cherry (or two)!

Meg and Chris Evans will be hosting our Fishing Contest this year. More details to come.

We still need a volunteer for the Field Day. Please call Irene at 570 296 8466 if interested. The kids in the community really enjoy this activity! Erica DiMarzio has undertaken this for years and is now passing it on. She is happy to give any advice if needed.

The new Dog Park is up and running over by the tennis courts. There’s a new gate and this is a great place to let your dog or new puppy just run without letting them loose within the community. We just ask that you pick up after your fur baby!


Please note that effective this year, the financials will no longer be posted on Facebook or in the Newsletter (for privacy reasons). If anyone is interested in seeing the financials, you can contact sepoachairman@gmail.com or sepoabills@gmail.com.





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General Meeting 2018

First General Meeting for 2018 is being held on April 14th, 10am at the Milford Borough Hall, 111 W.. Catherine Street.

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Sagamore Times – July 2017

The Roads -Road Committee road

Much of the road work is complete that was discussed on our Facebook page and in our last newsletter.  We still are doing some ditching work in the low lying areas of the community, and Ottowa Trail, Pueblo, Hillview and Weber Road will soon have dust suppressant/binder put down.  We are pleased with the progress of the work so far.  If you note a significant road issue, please let one of the Board members know.


Board Happenings-SEPOA Board board

Since the last newsletter, two events have happened on the Board. First, Frank DeVito has retired from the Board after two years of service.  To replace Frank through 2018, the Board has appointed … drum roll, please …. His wife, Irene DeVito, whom most of you know to have served for nearly two decades on the Board, as its President and Treasurer.  We thank Frank for helping the Board through a rough time and in guiding us to less choppy waters.  We welcome Irene back with open arms, and note that she has already grabbed the bull by the horns and taken control of (or, more correctly, had the responsibility thrown at her for) the Beach and Recreation Committee.

Also, Joe Vencill recently resigned from the Board due to personal commitments.  We thank Joe for his time on the Board, as well, and wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors.

Finally, only one person – our current President, Tony Ciuffreda – was nominated for the elections in September.  Given that there is one candidate for three positions, the Board has decided to forego the formality of an election.  We may present a ballot question of some kind in one form or another.


TLPOA Presentation by Irene Blanchard


At the most recent SEPOA General Meeting held at the Pike County Public Library, TLPOA Board Members Barbara Whitney, President of TLPOA, and Kirk Mackey, TLPOA Board Member, were on hand to present a very informative discussion on the concerns about ticks and how to keep our beloved Twin Lakes clean and thriving for future generations.

Ticks are bad this year (I’ve been bit three times in a two month period and my husband was bit twice with 24 hours, as well as just spotting them crawling on shirts and other outdoor implements and opposed to last year which was zero) and Mrs. Whitney, who is a member of the Pike County Tick Borne Disease Task Force, explained that ticks carry more than just Lyme disease. There are many other pathogens that ticks carry and may different types of ticks.  Symptoms aren’t always immediate and precautions are recommended. Since we do live a heavily wooded area, it is hard to avoid particular tick-enriched areas. Avoid tall grass, brush and leaves (between the beaches path-be extra careful!). Repellents such as DEET (20% concentration is recommended-anything higher can be dangerous) or Deep Woods OFF help. If you’ve been in a tick prone area, check yourself and take a shower as soon as you can. If you’ve been bitten by a tick, you can either carefully remove it yourself with tweezers, save it, and have it tested as well as yourself for Lyme or other disease it may carry. Or go to any Emergency Care clinic and have it removed. Since ticks usually have to be attached for 24 hours before they can transmit the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, early removal will help reduce that risk. Using petroleum jelly, nail polish or a hot match is not recommended. Grasp the ticks as close to the skin as possible and gently pull the tick away.  Not pleasant but once it’s out it’s a relief! Mrs. Whitney was kind enough to let us have some signs that we can post in regards to preventing ticks and Lyme Disease. They have been posted at both Showboat and North Beach entrances. She also had some pamphlets and information for the taking on these issues. There is a support group that meets at the library every second Saturday from 10:30am-12:00. The task force meets at the Pike County administration building every 4th Thursday at 10am and is open to the public.

Keeping Twin Lakes Clean


We were all treated to a beautiful Power Point slide show of the big and little lakes in all their glory and beauty. Mr. Mackey and Mrs. Whitney, who are members of the Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy, explained to us the procedure of how they test the waters for bacterial and foreign matters that could adversely effect the lakes. The most major concerns are septic systems and fertilizers. Keeping your septic system pumped regularly (every 2-3 years for year rounders, 4-5 for part timers) and checking the tank to make sure it is not rotting or leaking will help keep contaminants from leeching into the lake. Using fertilizers that are biodegradable and ecofriendly will help keep phosphate levels down. Also, if you take any boat- rowboat, kayak, sailboat, etc…-and use it in another body of water (Delaware for example) please wash it off before putting it back into our lakes. Foreign matters from other waters can stick to your boat, deposit themselves in the water and grow and over time could end up hurting the lake or even killing it.

Mrs. Whitney and Mr. Mackey both suggested to those who rent to post or inform tenants of the importance of keeping the lake clear and clean. Mrs. Whitney has a flyer that your could leave at the home for renting tenants to refer to when renting their home.

It was also stated that if anyone would like volunteer with the Twin and Walker Creeks Watershed Conservancy or you would like more information on any of these matters, you can contact Barbara Whitney at twinlakes75@gmail.com or Kirk Mackey at mackey49@ptd.net. We thank them for taking time to inform us about precautions that can be taken to keep ourselves and the lake safe.



Even though the 4th of July is behind us, it is summer and fireworks are still quite prevalent.  As a reminder, per SEPOA Rules and Regulations, fireworks are not permitted at Sagamore:

“Fireworks of any kind are not permitted on common areas -including the lake, beaches, ballfield, basketball and tennis courts -in Sagamore Estates. Fireworks are permitted on one’s own private property only to the extent that such fireworks are legal within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. (Amendment: August 1, 2013).”

Effects of Fireworks on Twin Lakes

Our friends at TLPOA circulated some facts from the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services to make aware the impact fireworks may have on our lakes. Even though the fact sheet was a concern for New Hampshire’s lakes, it really does effect all lakes and any bodies of water. Just take a moment to read what the fallout from fireworks could do to Twin Lakes if not yourself.

Concerns of Health and Environmental Effects

There are growing concerns about the use of fireworks around New Hampshire’s lakes. As fun and enjoyable as fireworks can be, they may be causing more damage then you know. Aside from the obvious danger of operating controlled explosives, what you may not realize is the effects fire works have environmentally, economically and health wise.

Firework Ingredients and their Dangers

Fireworks are composed of many different elements, each contributing to the noise, color or propellant. While these ingredients combine to form a beautiful spectacle, many of them are very dangerous. Here’s a list of a few common firework ingredients, their use, and what makes them so dangerous.

Lead Nitrate/Dioxide/Chloride -oxidizer- Bioaccumulation; developmental danger for children and the unborn; may remain airborne for days; poisonous to plants and animals

Barium– glittering greens- Extremely poisonous, radioactive

Lithium– blazing reds- Slightly toxic

Rubidium– purple colors- Slightly radioactive; can replace calcium in body

Strontium– blazing reds- Can replace calcium in body; can be radioactive

Copper compounds– blues- Dioxin pollution

Aluminum– brilliant whites- Contact dermatitis

Ammonium Percolate– propellant- Can contaminate ground and surface waters; can disrupt thyroid functions

Cadmium– firework colors -Extremely toxic, carcinogenic; can bioaccumulate

Potassium Nitrate– in black powder- Toxic dusts, carcinogenic sulfur-coal compounds

Sulfur Dioxide– gaseous byproduct of sulfur combustion -Acid rain from sulfuric acid affects water sources, vegetation and causes property damage

The Effects Fireworks have on You and Nature

The fallout of these different chemicals can affect you both directly and indirectly. Once a firework explodes in the sky, it does many things. The gases from the rocket and the explosion are released into the atmosphere, where they are inhaled by humans and animals, and hurt the ozone layer. In addition to the gases, the debris and burning metals fall back to earth where they litter the area, contaminate aquatic ecosystems, and poison the wildlife, eventually working their way up the food chain.

How Phosphorus in Fireworks Impacts the Water

It has taken years to determine the dangers associated with the many ingredients in fireworks. Up until very recently, phosphorous (also found in fertilizers) was highly popular in fireworks until the realization of its associated problems to the environment. Although most manufacturers no longer incorporate more than trace amounts of phosphorus in fireworks, every little bit added to a lake can influence water quality. Phosphorus accelerates a process called eutrophication, which is the process that results in increased biomass, decreased lake clarity, decreased bottom oxygen, and increases the likelihood of cyanobacteria scums. Algal and cyanobacteria blooms caused by phosphorus introductions impact fisheries, drinking water supplies and impact the health of people who recreate in the waters as well as pets and any animal that drinks these waters.

The Final Impact

Altogether the damaging effect fireworks have is overwhelming. They impact water quality by affecting the odor and taste of drinking water. On the economic side, excessive algal and cyanobacteria growth due to phosphorus or contamination due to firework fallout increases water treatment costs, degrades fishing and boating activities, and impacts tourism and property values. The cost of damage done to property, the litter and the effect upon both wildlife and human life is incalculable. The Department of Environmental Services urges you to consider the effects of fireworks and perhaps find an alternative to a problem that is only growing with time.


Field Day 2017

Sagamore Day Picnic – White Elephant Event!picnic bench

This years Sagamore Day Picnic will be featuring a new fun event – a White Elephant/Chinese Auction! If you are attending the picnic and would like to participate in this just bring a wrapped item – new, old or gag – and let the fun begin! If you have never been to one it goes like this: The first person chooses an item but doesn’t unwrap it. The next person to go either chooses another item or can “steal” the one item already chosen from the first person. That first person picks again. The third person then can proceed to pick an unchosen item or “steal” from person one or two. When all items have been taken, then everyone can unwrap what they have ended up with. The more items, the more fun!

And remember, bring a hot or cold potluck dish, sweet or savory and BYOB. SEPOA will supplement with hot dogs and hamburgers and some drinks. Let’s hope there is lots of sunshine and a breeze!



Lost and Found

A ring was found on the North Beach sometime in June. If you lost a ring at that time, please contact sagamoretimes@gmail.com and describe it.



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Update to Sagamore Day!!


************Sagamore Day, July 29th, 1pm*************

White Elephant/Chinese Auction!

Bring a new/used/gag item, wrapped. One person will go first and pick an item (they can not unwrap it), then the next person will go and they can either take another wrapped item or “steal” the first person’s item. That person then again has to pick an item. Then a third person goes and either picks or “steals”. At the end everyone unwraps their items to see what they’ve got. This can be a lot of fun!!! If you have any questions, send them to sagamoretimes@gmail.com.

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